...or two. Because this one's goin' out to Daddy Cam and he needs all our love today.
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Lookin' good, Cam!


Let's be honest folks, does it really matter who brought home the big shiny cup at the Sports Bowl last night? No, it doesn't. Because the only thing that matters is that Daddy Cammy Cam is the finest man to ever throw a football. From that adorable smile to the way he rocks those nylon spandex football pants — Superman can get it...he can get it all. day. long.

Let's also not forget that he singlehandedly made dabbin' the sexiest dance move around. Seriously...getting down in the end zone has never looked this friggen' hot before. So Cam should let us take a knee for him (smirking) and forget about the touchdowns (but maybe keep the touching part...*wink*).

Dab on 'em all day long Cammy boy. Never stop dabbin'.

The NFL Sicko,
Kaelin (@kaelinphoebe)

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