Charles has got a hot cup of good stuff for you. And he just asked you to "blow on it."
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Yes, PLEASE, Charles

Wait, what time is it? You’re woken up by the lingering scent of coffee, and question whether you’re currently starring in a candid Folgers commercial. You step out into the kitchen and catch the eye of Charles, the guy you spent the night cuddling.

“I used your coffee machine, hope you don’t mind,” he says as the sun illuminates his chiseled abs.

“I don’t mind if you use me…I mean it. USE IT. I’m tired, ignore me.”

You become visibly embarrassed while he chuckles to himself.

“This is really hot,” he says as he gently takes a sip.

“Yeah…hot,” you utter, knowing all too well that the coffee isn’t the only thing that’s steaming at this point.

“Blow on it,” he says jokingly while offering his cup out to you.

You oblige, and he then asks you take a sip.

“Have some, it’ll wake you up.”

“Coffee won’t do that for me,” you remark while noticeably looking him up and down.

“What will?” he says as he leans in closer.

The steam from the cup is now hitting you both, as you look into each other’s eyes.

“Oh, I think you know.”

Yours in thirst,
Pablo (@PabloValdivia)

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