David's out here breaking legs and hearts like a true Broadway bae-by, and we're not even mad.
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Hi, David....

There’s something about musical theatre I've always found so attractive. Maybe it was the way Fiyero’s tights showed off his yellow ~thick~ road in Wicked. Maybe it was Kristin Chenoweth's hot tight everything. Or maybe it was just David Harris, Australian Broadway star and actual Greek god.

David has been a musical theatre legend since the day I started following him on Instagram. He has been the Baker in Into the Woods, which is also what I call me drooling my way through his beach selfies at 2 a.m. He played Oscar in The Wild Party, which is too easy of a joke to even finish but your mind definitely went there. It's simply impossible for me to be Les Misérables around such a talented man with hot abs.

I’m sure you’re wondering why David is posing with his arms outstretched. Maybe he caught a fish THIIIIS big! Maybe he just wants a big, warm hug. Or maybe he’s showing you the reason you’ll be avoiding stairs tomorrow morning... Whatever the reason, god bless musical theatre, and god bless David’s penchant for shirtless selfies.

Also, he starred in The Full Monty a few years ago so, um, if anyone has footage of that please @ me.


Yours in thirst,
Mat (@matwhi)

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