Pietro's taking it all off for this swim and, um, all our pipes burst in the process...
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Guys, it's Wednesday. The week is halfway done...but that still means you've got, like, a bunch more days left to go. Luckily, Pietro is here to give you a little Hump Day motivation. He's a big believer in not wearing shirts. After all, shirts are overrated. They get sweaty, they stack up in your laundry, and then you have to wash them. But, more importantly, Pietro knows shirts are overrated because they hide his six-pack, and failure to disclose those washboard abs could be considered a crime against humanity. But even MORE overrated than wearing a shirt is wearing a swimsuit. That's why Pietro loves to go skinny dipping. And provided you haven't dropped your phone or laptop yet from the utterly overwhelming, insatiable thirst Pietro is probably stirring in you right now, I think you'd probably agree it's a good thing that he decided to strip off his Speedo. So thank you, Pietro, for inspiring us all to finish this week confident and strong. We needed that boost!

Yours in thirst,
Sam (@samstryker)

For more of Pietro's steamy pics, check out his ~full spread~ over at Attitude. 📷 💦

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