This 21st-century Tarzan is doing things his own way, but keeping a firm grip on his ~vine~.
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OG Jungle Daddy

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Hello my friends, it's me, Adele. Just kidding. It's Lauren and I'm here because we have something important to talk about: Zac Efron swinging from a rope with NO GODDAMN SHIRT ON.

First, let me say: I am a proud lesfronsexual. That means I am a lesbian who also thinks Zac Efron is very talented in the hotness department. That's right — I'm attracted to women yet, when I saw Zac Efron shirtless, swinging like the OG Jungle Daddy Tarzan himself, I had to take a seat. And I was ALREADY SITTING!!!!

I remember where I was the first time I saw this picture. It was roughly 12 hours ago. I turned on my internet, and there it was. Zac's hands were wrapped tightly around a thick rope, his hair frosted and pushed back just so, his chest bare and all 88 of his abs protruding.

Could it be that science had finally perfected the human body? Could one man really swing from a rope with such grace and ease?

Had Zac Efron turned me straight???? The answer is no, of course. BUT JUST LOOK AT HIM. JUST FUCKING LOOK AT HIM.

If people making marble sculptures of hot guys were still a thing, Zac would be the model of a million. Praise be.

Love always,
Your Lesfronsexual Friend, Lauren (@itslaurenyap)

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