Daddy Timmy and you have a horse-drawn date for two. Are you ready to ride with a real cowboy?
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Strap on your saddles, folks — ‘cause Daddy Timmy is taking the reins. This crooning cowboy is going to bring you cruising in his muddy old truck, and then he’s going to ~take you for a ride~ in the back seat of that pickup, oh yes.

If you’re lucky, Timmy boy might just take off his cowboy hat for you, too, then uncinch his belt to loosen up that girth and show you what’s underneath — but he’ll be sure to leave those spurs on his boots, don't you worry.

So let's let Papa McGraw put away his chestnut pony for today and trade it in for a hot ride through the Wild West with you. Because after he and you are through, he won’t be the only one singing — you'll be tossing your head back howling at that big harvest moon. Don't think you're ready for him to tie you up with his little guitar strings and show you what it feels like to ride with a real cowboy? It’s time to giddy up and give it a try.

The Tim McGraw Sicko,
Kaelin (@kaelinphoebe)

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