Oh, to be squeezed so tightly between Cam's muscular twunk trunks. *wistful sigh/whimper*
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Wanna see his front?

Have you ever thought about if you were an animal, what type of animal you'd be? Maybe a majestic lion, a noble eagle, a playful dolphin, or a fierce tiger. Well, ladies and gentlemen...I think it's safe to say that, after looking at this picture of Cameron McEvoy, the rest of the animal kingdom can forget it. WE WANT TO BE SWANS. That means we can get stroked and soaked between Cam's strong, muscular swimmer thighs. If we were swans, Cam would ride us all day long. Yeah, we might get a little stretched out and deflated from handling all that Australian man muscle, but we wouldn't let that ruffle our feathers. Because when you get a chance to tussle with a wet-hot slab of lean Olympian beef like this, you TAKE IT. So shoutout to all my swans out there: Spread your wings/whatever and go! Get your hunk of man.

Yours in thirst,
Sam (@samstryker)

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