Nick's giving us a taste of things to come with his bodacious before-dinner stretches.
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Everybody up — it’s time for a stretch break! Now, if you’re ambitious, you can assume Nick's position: strip down, oil up, roll over onto your back, and toss your legs in the air. That’s certainly routine enough for some of y’all but, for everybody else, we’re going to take things slow. In fact, that’s perfect, because Nick actually prefers to take things slow. Yeah, he’s cool like that. You’ll start with coffee and a walk in the park, talking for hours about anything and everything. He’ll ask you about your hometown, your hobbies, your family, your friends, your favorite movie, your least-favorite breed of dog, the subprime mortgage crisis (seriously, someone — anyone — please explain?), and he'll even take an active interest in your mom’s newfound passion for floor hockey. (You go, Pam!!) Then, it'll be time for before-dinner drinks and dynamic stretches at long last. Because you're really going to want to loosen up to make room for Nick/the main course.

Yours in thirst,
Lincoln (@marytodd_)

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