That's a photography term, right? Perf. Now just lean back and say "cheese."
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Say chz!

Remember in Titanic, when Rose lays on the couch and says ~that~ line? Well nobody really has French girls these days, or even draws anymore — because, um, computers exist — so we're just going to have Sam take your picture instead. All you have to do is lie back, assume your favorite position, and stay still for a couple of seconds to capture an iconic shot. The best part of this whole situation is actually the man behind the camera because, for every good shot you give him, he'll remove an item of clothing. Strike your first pose and his top’s gone, pose two and he undoes his belt. If you can hold your nerve for pose three, those jeans are gonna go too. He can leave his hat on, sure, but the rest just has to go. 📷 💦

Yours in thirst,
Ben (@NotAgainBen)

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