Dimitri's got a lot on his mind: Where's he going? Why? Did he just rob a bank?
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Go, Dmitri, go!

By the time Dimitri reached Memphis city limits, he'd already forgotten what he was running from. Also, um, where he'd gotten this bus. And all these duffel bags stuffed with cocaine and cash. Perhaps most importantly, though, if Dimitri hadn't renewed his commercial driver's license and passenger endorsement since driving for Fran & Bodie's Bargain Limo And Party Bus DeLux Transport Services seven years ago, was it even legal for him to be on the road? Valid questions, all of these. But if he swings a tight U-turn at this next light and really books it, Dimitri might just be able to make it back to Beale Street to see Suzie (his psychic) before she takes her lunch break. She's the only one who can really help him unpack this predicament and figure out what it all means. Godspeed, darling Dimitri, godspeed!

Yours in thirst,
Lincoln (@marytodd_)

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