We gave adoptable dogs to these hot guys and, um, the world basically stopped turning.
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It's a basic mathematical principle, really:

dude + dog = the most powerful force in the entire universe

Yes, you read that right: more powerful than money, love, words, friendship, compound interest, gravity, deep-space gamma ray bursts, and Oprah herself. So, um, what happens when you multiply all that power by four? Well, things start out a little ~ruff~. There's sniffing, scuffling, slobbering, peeing on bushes, peeing on trees, a little bit of dry humping, and tongues and hair *everywhere* — which probably sounds like an average Saturday night for some of y'all, but whatever. Because then the smiles come out and the tails start wagging and all is right in the world. And it's just a daily reminder that there's really no combo more magnificent than a dude and his dog. 

Yours in thirst,
Lincoln (@marytodd_)


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