D'Angelo's breathing heavy and really wants to know how you feel about his ~performance~.
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Hello. Are y'all familiar with D'Angelo? Specifically, his song titled "Untitled"? The music video is essential viewing. And the lyrics are even more essential:

If you feel the same way, baby
Let me know right away.
I'd love to make you wet
In between your thighs 'cause
I love when it comes inside you
I get so excited when I'm around you, I
How does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel
How does it—

Yeah, you get the point. And you'll definitely ~get some~ too if you add this slow grind to your Poundtown Playlist ASAP. Trust us — it just works.

Anyways, that's all we've got for this #ThrowbackThirstday. Keep it classy out there, folks!

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day


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