Wake up and smell the roses, people! Not into that? Try Joseamid's pits instead ;)
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Heyyyyyyyy, Joseamid

Life got you feelin' down in the pits? Don't worry — Joseamid is here to help. Because today he's just really feelin' himself and he'd like for you to do the same. First thing's first: Look in the mirror and recognize how awesome and indomitable and unlimited you truly are. Give us a hair toss. Nice. Recite one of those daily affirmations your therapist gave you. Excellent. Follow Joseamid's lead and touch yourself a little bit. Yes, good. And now, if you feel up to it, why don't you just come on over here and touch Joseamid? Don't be shy, use all your senses: look, lick, sniff, slurp, slide your hands all over. Listen to him coo your name. Oh, baby. See, don't you feel better now? All nice and warm and gooey inside? Great. Our work here is done. 😘

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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