...everything! Because it's hot as hell out here but Vincenzo's might just have the solution.
BuzzFeed Dude A Day
Yes. Good. Drench me.

It's stupidnastyderty hot out here, y'all. Gotdamn.

*fans self*
*wipes brow* 
*blots grundle*

Luckily Vincenzo has the right idea — you've just gotta find a way to cool down any way you possibly can. Whether that means hopping in the shower/fridge or standing naked and prone in front of your AC unit or standing naked and prone on your front porch wringing out a dirty dish rag over your head, we're here to support you. Yeah, we're here for you so hard.

*blots other stuff*

So, um, go forth and find yourself some chill, y'all. We're gonna stay here to keep an eye on Vincenzo.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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