Carlos seems to have dropped something on the ground. But how's he ever going to pick it back up??
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Perfect form

It's National Bend & Snap Awareness Day, y'all! Did you come prepared? If not, you're in luck, because we've got Carlos here to help us out. Remember: The fundamentals are pretty straight forward...

1) Oops! You dropped something. Keeping your knees loose and ass out, slowly bend down to pick it up.

2) Once all eyes are on you and your fallen object back in hand, snap up in one fluid motion, simultaneously straightening your back and popping out your chest to give your jugs a nice juicy jiggle.

Was that too easy? Feel free to incorporate more advanced maneuvers, like the Calf Cross and Hair Toss that Carlos is demonstrating. The goal is simply to direct attention to all your finest features, from money maker to sweater stretchers and everything in between. And there's really no wrong way to do it — the specifics are up to you. Because, in the end, we're all just out here bending and snapping the very best we damn well can.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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