Adam's struggling a bit with decorating and getting dressed. Who can help him get back on top?
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Adam tops

Adam had quite a bit of trouble finding his tree topper this year. And that's pretty unusual, seeing as he's usually very on top of everything in his life. (Yes, everything.) Luckily, after much frantic searching, he came upon his great grandma's antique silver star tucked away in a far corner of the basement. But while Adam was rootin' around down there among the cobwebs and crèches in the dark, he snagged his blouse on an exposed rusty nail and absolutely ripped it to shreds. So now these sweatpants are the only piece of semi-clean clothing he currently has left to wear. (Laundry is hard. Life is hard.) Maybe once Adam finishes getting this topper on tight, somebody could come over and help him get a load off to the laundromat? Yeah, that would be nice. Adam would really appreciate it.

Yours in thirst,
Lincoln (@marytodd_)

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