You may be drowning in thirst, but Zac and Dwayne are ~coming to your rescue~. :life vest emoji:
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Hang on to your trunks and bottoms, everybody, because filming for the Baywatch reboot has officially begun. Which means ~bae-watch~ season is finally upon us. And with Zac Efron and The Rock patrolling the beaches, there's sure to be a lot of mouth-to-mouth action on the horizon, if you know what I mean.

Just picture this: It's a hot and sleazy summer afternoon at the beach and you decide to go for a swim. Before you know it, a wave overtakes you, eventually leaving you washed up breathless on the shore. A lifeguard rushes to your side, and just as his lips meet yours, you come to. You open your eyes and looking back at you is a very tan, very muscular Zac Efron. Smiling, he gently brushes the hair away from your face. Standing next to him is The Rock, his massive build casting an even more massive shadow upon you. Damn, he looks great in a Speedo, you think. He bends down and collects you in his arms, carrying you to the lifeguard chair. By now, your strength has returned. You gladly accept the lifeguard crew neck Zac offers you off his own back. Together, the three of you mount the chair to cuddle up and watch as the sun goes down. Yes, you may have nearly just drowned, but in this moment, you've never felt more alive.

Yours in thirst,
Michelle (@ontheregna)

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