Go out there and really get after today, y'hear? Tomorrow too. Because Nico wants you to.
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Hi, Nico!

Hey guys,

So, it's already February 4th. We're over a month into 2016. How time flies! Remember all those New Year's resolutions you had? How you were going on a juice cleanse, or you were going to "eat healthy" (whatever the hell that means), or you were going to have a six pack by Memorial Day?

Well, then winter storms and the slog of getting back to work probably got in the way, and now those New Year's resolutions, well-intentioned as they may have been, are probably long forgotten. Nico, however, still wants you to have the best year ever. He wants you to carpe the motherfucking diem. So get out there and just kill it today. And tomorrow, too. And then really get off your ass this weekend. Go run errands. Go on a hike. See your friends. Fuck, even lifting a mimosa glass to your lips at brunch counts as a workout. Live your best life — because Nico wants you to.

Yours in thirst,
Sam (@samstryker)

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