Meet a real, live Easter butt model who really knows how to back/paint that ass up.
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butts butts butts may have seen our Easter buttstravaganza post floating around. If not, it's pretty simple: Easter eggs, but painted on butts. Because it's 2016. And why the hell not?

Today, let's get to know one of the men behind the butts (on the right): Mr. Ian Paget!


1) Hi Ian! When you're not being a butt model, what's your day job?

I'm a professional dancer in NYC. My next adventure starts in May: I'll be performing in the Summer Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall starring the Rockettes — come check us out! And when I’m not singing and dancing I’m CrossFitting all damn day.

2) What's your favorite Easter candy?

Oof that's a hard one... probably a tie between a chocolate bunny and Nutella straight out of the jar. How about a chocolate bunny *covered* in Nutella? Yes.

3) Most-used emoji?

Definitely the eye roll! It’s so vital in my life.

4) OK, now on to butt stuff: boxers or briefs?

A Calvin Klein boxer brief.

5) Best song to twerk to?

"Back That Ass Up" by Juvenile without question!

6) Pick a synonym, any synonym: booty, bum, hiney, tuchus, ass, keister, caboose, rump, dumper, trunk, derrière.


7) And now to the nitty gritty: Did it tickle? What was the overall painting experience like?

It tickled at first but nothing crazy. If anything, the hardest part was keeping my butt cheeks completely relaxed while standing still and trying not to move. The painters were very adamant about wanting the eggs to look equal on both sides so I had to focus on keeping my legs super straight yet relaxed. As a dancer I thought it would be easy but, 10 minutes in, my legs and lower back were definitely numb. 

8) Have your friends and family seen the final product? What did they think?

My sister texted me and thought it was super clever and adorable. Most of my friends — and then some — have seen the article and loved it. I got a lot of 🔥  and 🍑 emojis haha

9) How do you take care of your butt?

Back squats, box jumps, barbell lunges, and deadlifts are my favorite go-tos for the booty.

10) Finally, is this the weirdest thing that's happened to your butt? If not...pls explain.

I'd say painting my butt to look like eggs is definitely the quirkiest thing that's happened? Yeah. But looking forward to the next weirdest thing. ;)


Many thanks to Ian and all our brave models. Stay tuned for more freshly ~cracked~ Easter butt content in the coming days!

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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