...and sweaty. And stinky. And sore. This morning is *not* off to a propitious start for Prince...
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*heavy sigh*

Sorry for the delay, y'all! Prince decided to take a quick pre-shower power nap on the bathroom floor after his run this morning but, as so often happens with the best-laid plans of mice and muscular men, everything proceeded to go to shit. Exhibit A: Prince, now coming to five hours later, groggy, confused, stiff, sore, and stanky as hell — and not in a good way. Like, at this point, he really just needs to get up and get dressed and get his life together. Maybe then he can address the 18 voicemails awaiting him on his phone...

Here's hoping your day's off to a better start! :)

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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