*Especially* when it comes to Daddy Jackman splooshing around in this surf. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Wet Jackman yaaass


I was 10 years old when my mother dragged me to the movie theater to see the latest Meg Ryan romcom Kate & Leopold. And you know what? THANK GOD she did because starring opposite of Meg was Hugh Jackman — a man who caused my sexual awakening and became the object of my lust for many years to cum.

I've been titillated many times since then by Hugh. Whether he's bulked up and veiny as Wolverine in the X-Men movies or singing his way through all the best scenes in Les Misérables, there's no form of Hugh Jackman that isn't perfect. But there is one from of Hugh that might just be beyond perfect:


I don't know what it is...

Maybe it's the way his wet chest hair lies against his pristine pecs... Maybe it's the way water makes his hair so perfectly imperfect... Or maybe it's the way his swimming trunks hug his ass and his thighs and his, well, you know...

Whatever it is, let's all take a moment to soak in the fact that we're alive during the same time as wet Hugh Jackman. Praise be.

💦 🙏 💦

Yours in thirst,
Christian (@Christian_Zamo)

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